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Join the Club Today!

Polish Business Club is an organisation which is very strict to accept new members.

We are all witnesses of many unfair companies which are trying to use lack of knowledge and naivety of their customers by using unfair techniques.

Thank to the process of verification we can accept the members knowing that they are fair and respectful to their customers.

Years of experience from other networking organisations allow us to judge each applicant and allow to join only the right candidates.

Recruitment Process

Application process is very simple and clear.

Step 1

Fill out the form on our website. We require you to provide us references from your customers or contractors.

Step 2

We will verify your application and company. We also contact with your customers/contractors.

Step 3

Membership payment of €150/year.

Membership Benefits

  • Free admission to all events
  • Access to verified business contacts
  • Access to referral network
  • Right to use of Polish Business Club logo
  • Discount on products and services within the Club
  • Access to investment options
  • Discount on advertising materials
  • Access to Polish entrepreneurs